Bring your fibro to work

Bring your fibromyalgia to work!?

 Now, this doesn't mean that you broadcast your illness to everyone at your workplace!

 It may not be a good idea to announce to the world that you suffer from a chronic invisible syndrome such as Fibromyalgia. No, no.

 What you can do that day is raise awareness of Fibromyalgia Syndrome at your workplace in more subtle ways such as wearing a Fibromyalgia t-shirt, posting a bulletin on a virtual or real bulletin board, emailing a link to this web site (with permission from your employer) or other non-intrusive but creative ways to get the message heard.

 Remember, you could be working side-by-side with other fibromytes, and could be doing so in complete silence.

 Raise awareness of Fibromyalgia and its impact on the workforce!