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As I've stated in the above articles, I hate to see anyone with fibromyalgia stop working and file for disability. However, if you must, or if you fear you may lose your job because of fibromyalgia, there are some helpful links here for that situation as well. Try to keep working, though -- even if it's part-time. Having a place to go and a purpose in life will make your illness much easier to deal with, and by continuing to participate in the workplace, you may help us all bring awareness of this invisible and chronic condition to the general public, and management in particular.

 Click on the following links to find information and assistance regarding fibromyalgia in the workplace.

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 The Job Accommodation Network (includes links to the EEOC, Fibromyalgia Network and National Fibromyalgia Partnership.)

 Article from "Fibromyalgia on the Job"

 Dr Warren Nielson's article "Fibromyalgia in the Workplace"

Excellent web site:, this link is a series of articles.

 One is called "Stress in the Workplace" by Lisa Branigan

 All of the information on this web site is helpful and highly recommended.

 Annals of rheumatic diseases, lengthy medical-ese article on Fibromyalgia in the workplace being a "management problem"
 Click on the tiny images to view the .pdf files.

 Excerpt from Claudia Craig Marek's superb book "Fibromyalgia, The First Year", section entitled "Fibromyalgia and the Workplace" or

 FMS Community articles about workplace accommodation and success with fibromyalgia at work:

 Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, and "Fibromyalgia Awareness Day" !! (May 12, 2007),1607,7-168-23442_25488_43769-168405--,00.html

 National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) [NFA created Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12th]. Join this organization for a small donation every year and get their fantastic magazine "FMAware" !! It's a worthwhile investment!

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