Short-lived Euphoria

Well, that didn't last long. Worked 6 1/2 hours at the office yesterday without taking a break. I refer to going home as my second job. Lots of chores: taking the dogs outside, walking them if the weather is good, feeding the dogs, light housework, making dinner, and squinching newspapers to start a fire in the fireplace. By the time all of that happened, I was in intense pain, totally exhausted, a sore throat and feeling flu-ey.

Lifestyle changes are my new thing. As I said before, Mother Nature has forced this on me, and I think that's a good thing. It's "her" way of saying "Slow down!" So, where I would normally come home from the office, do all those things I have to do, and then work on the computer some more (either real work for my job or stuff on my web site, or playing around on the groups) I didn't do that last night. I sat on the couch with two blankets and two dogs, and watched TV.

At one point, about quarter of eleven, I dozed off, sitting up on the couch, with Hector in my lap.

(Here's Hector on the couch!)

After getting up and going to bed, I remarked to Gil there's something about that couch, I just go into la-la land. He said that was nice. All this time, I've thought he was worried about me sleeping on the couch. Well, he said no, if sleeping there works then do it. A few years ago, I had told him if I fall asleep on the couch, leave me there! Next time, I'm going to just fall asleep there and see what he does lol!

My goal for January was to get my sleep in order. I am a habitual goal-setter. I set small goals every day, and medium-sized goals for weeks, months, years. And, of course, lifetime goals -- most of those I've achieved. January's goal was to regulate my sleep. It's the 31st of January, and I haven't quite made it yet. After two decades of disordered sleep (that started LONG before my other FM/CFS symptoms), it's not going to be resolved in 30 days.

February's goal (more on that tomorrow!) will now include regulating my sleep. That will skate forward until it's achieved, if it ever is.

So, my euphoria that my friend noticed after my doctor's appointment lasted only a couple of days. This was the first time, ever, that I thought maybe I don't have FM or CFS, just like everybody's been saying. Maybe it went away. Well, it came back last night with a vengeance. This morning I'm groggy, my back hurts, I have a headache, and my stomach's doing flip-flops. So much for being cured!

Nevertheless, I will continue to move forward, think positive, look at this as an opportunity to relax, because Mother Nature is telling me to take it easy.


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