Dreaming and Cleaning

My doctor said it'd take a couple of weeks of a higher dosage of Trazodone before I saw results with my sleep. It's been three nights now, and I have actually had dreams. Prior to this, I cannot recall the last time I had a dream. This means I have arrived into stage 5 sleep.

Now, I wonder how long I will have to keep taking Trazodone.

After we had the stove delivered and installed on Friday, I decided to spend Saturday shopping for new kitchen gadgets, pots and pans.

Rearranged the whole kitchen on Sunday, and then proceeded to clean the whole downstairs of the house. There was dust and crap, especially in the bedroom, that hadn't been cleaned in the three years since this pain and fatigue condition afflicted me. I crawled around on my hands and knees with the vacuum hose, sucking up dust bunnies and assorted pieces of paper and things. There were objects that had fallen behind furniture that we just hadn't bothered to pick up at all.

One might say this was a sign of depression. Perhaps it is. I am now wondering if I'm bi-polar or something, having spent the weekend on high-energy for the first time in years. Seeing the neglect of the house, coupled with this surge of energy, and going on a shopping spree, it has me curious.

But then again, having three good nights of sleep... it may be a simple as that.

During the cleaning process, I did something new. I have always been a person-in-a-hurry, rushing through tasks at high speed, becoming breathless. This time, I paced myself. Vacuumed a little bit, then watched TV for a while. Sorted laundry, then rested on the freshly-made bed for a bit. Stuff like that. I managed to get it all done. I got fatigued as I usually do around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon. I usually take a nap on Sundays, and so I did for about 20 minutes.

By the time dinner time rolled around, I was in a good amount of pain but not too, too bad. I took a couple of Motrins and it went away. This is truly remarkable. This morning, I have good energy.

I have still not taken the dogs for a walk or gone swimming at the gym.

I have definitively decided to quit the big online support group I belong to. It is taking up way too much of time, and with busy season starting at work I need to spend my time more productively. I posted a notice saying I was leaving, and not one person responded to with me well. Many other members have left, and they always get tons of responses. Well, I have stirred up some controversy over there, and with the creation of this blog and it's first couple of postings, so it doesn't surprise me that I won't be terribly missed. I like the smaller groups, and will remain a member of those.