Looking For A Patient-Recommended Doctor?


Contact Betsy at Kindness@fibrobetsy.com. Her service is unique, because she recommends only patient recommended, fibro-friendly doctors.
Tell Betsy exactly where you live, and if yours is a small town, DO give her the names of larger cities or towns nearby. She'll not only only send you a list of doctors in your area, but she'll also send a bunch of FM info including a short resource list, a treatment modality list, comments about FM from major FM doctors, and a list of coping strategies.
Betsy welcomes names of doctors, but only from their satisfied patients. She doesn't take self referrals or 2nd hand recommendations. They have to come from the "horse's mouth." Give her the name of the doctor, her/his degree, her/his city & state and phone #. Any comments about the doctor would also be helpful.
She's been doing this since 1991, and she looks forward to helping you!