Two Recent Articles: One on FM one on CFS

Here is an article on fibromyalgia, where the wonderful Dr. Daniel Clauw is interviewed:

And this is an article about a study on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It turns out there is a celebrity willing to talk about this condition: Laura Hillenbrand, the woman who wrote the book "Seabiscuit":

We need to get the word out there on these insidious conditions, people. It is possible that one in 25 humans may have fibromyalgia, and more than one million Americans have chronic fatigue syndrome, according to CDC estimates.

People in your life, every day, could be Walking Woundeds. We are terribly misunderstood and in many cases not believed.

Walking Woundeds "look fine", but they are in constant pain and utter physical exhaustion.

While there may not be a cure, or a definitive cause, for either of these conditions, those who live with these syndromes need compassion, support and recognition.

It seems that finally the media and government may agree with the Walking Woundeds: it is not all in our heads.