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When several people told me I should start an online blog about my experience with fibromyalgia or whatever-the-hell this thing is, I had doubts that anyone would participate. But looky here!! Two comments on the Dairy Free = Pain Free (For Me) blog posting.

I am thrilled beyond belief! Thank you thank you.

Please continue commenting. I really welcome the feedback, and would like to see more participation.

As for an update on my health, I've lost 10 pounds since stopping dairy. The pain is a LOT less than it was. But I continue to have vague and strange neurological sensations. A couple people suggested MS, and one suggested vitamin B-12 deficiency, which "mimics" MS (don't all of these things mimic each other? jeeesh!)

Doctor is getting a phone call this coming week. I asked her for a referral to a neurologist, and she poo-poo'ed me. Here we go again.

Summer's here! I always feel better in the summer.


  1. My experience was almost identical to yours. My story may encourage you. I quit dairy as well, mostly since I had not outgrown my childhood milk allergy (symptoms change over time). However, I had "fibromyalgia" at the time as well. The dairy-free diet helped, a little, but by no means cured it. I was sent to neurologist, checked for MS and everything else under the sun...nothing. But one day, after about two years, the pain vanished. That was about three years ago, and it has never returned. I play soccer (in fact was on a team called the Walking Wounded), hike, etc., no problems.

    If you happen to live at high altitude or in a dry climate, you may want to consider plain old dehydration. Peripheral pain can be caused over time in people who have poor circulation when in dehydrating type environments. In some people muscles can have trouble retaining water in certain climates, mimicking fibromyalgia. Just a thought. -

  2. Thanks Alisa! How interesting that your team is called Walking Wounded... it sure describes how I feel (or FELT) a lot of the time.
    I, too, am much more pain-free without dairy. I never had a milk allergy as a kid or anything. I was simply eating WAY too much cheese and yogurt. My only source of protein was cheese, except for an occasional fish. I feel so much better without it.

    I live in Massachusetts, so it's pretty humid and damp here, hardly ever dry, no high altitude. The idea of dehydration is one I visited early-on. But, the only beverage I really drink is water. I gave up alcohol years and years ago. I have coffee in the morning, and that's it.

    When I joined Weight Watchers in 1999, it was part of the program to drink 64 ounces of water every day. I started doing so back then, and I've never changed that. In fact, without exception, every single doctor I've gone to has said two things: 1) get your sleep in order, and 2) drink 8 glasses of water a day. Since I was already doing that, I didn't have to change anything.

    Thanks for the suggestion though! I appreciate the help!


  3. I meant to say, I have coffee in the morning, and then water the rest of the day! Not, "and then that's it" lol

  4. I wish I was that good about drinking water! It would probably be wise, since I do live in the desert : )


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