Cutting through the fog

I have changed the name of this blog from "K2's Walking Wounded" to "The Fibro-Fog Chronicles" for several reasons.

"Walking Wounded" was the first essay I wrote describing how I feel on an almost daily basis. It has bothered me to have this as the name of the blog because it's a rather negative description. Furthermore, in our current world, our service men and women are returning from war literally walking wounded, and so I feel it is inappropriate of me to categorize myself as such, given the seriousness of their maladies as compared to mine.

Now that I have finally been diagnosed, the fibro-fog title now fits. The word "chronicle" has a double-meaning in that fibromyalgia is a chronic illness. Get it? Chronic? Chronic-le!

Finally, I'm more apt to have more readers if I have a searchable title. How many fibromytes are out there Googling "fibro-fog" or "fibro fog" or "fibrofog"? Probably thousands. More people will visit my blog if I have a searchable name.

And so it is, that I re-name this blog, "The Fibro-Fog Chronicles" with "walking wounded" as the original essay way back at the beginning.

It also occurred to me that I chose a lighthouse as the template or backdrop of this blog.

Now, at first, I chose that template because, well, I live right next to Nauset Lighthouse on Cape Cod.

There I was, lying on the couch tonight in a complete fibro-flare, staring at the wonderful watercolor of "my" Nauset Lighthouse which adorns the wall in my living room not on Cape Cod. A reminder (thank you Kyra!) of my wonderful lighthouse for when I'm not there to see the real thing.

When I originally sub-titled this blog, "The Fibro-Fog Chronicles", never did it occur to me, until just tonight, the symbolism of the lighthouse cutting through the fog. I kid you not, it just didn't occur to me. It wasn't planned at all. Yet, there it is. In all its beauty and glory. My wonderful lighthouse, cutting through the fibro-fog.

Good night, everybody!