Day one with Cymbalta

I took my first dose of Cymbalta last night at bed time. I was in such a total flare yesterday. Actually, I have been in a constant flare since last Tuesday. I really overdid it, big time. Here are the things I did:

* Cleaned my whole house on Saturday
* Drove to Cape Cod last Sunday 3 hours
* Cleaned entire upstairs of cottage Tuesday all day
* Walked dogs
* Cleaned entire downstairs of cottage Weds all day
* Walked to beach, swam, walked home
* Greeted the people renting my house and hung out w/them
* Drove home from Cape Cod Weds 3 hours
* Proofread contracts for brochure all day Thurs
* Cooked dinner
* Worked all day Fri
* Cooked dinner
* Had scary dog walk Sat morning -- we got attacked by a cat!! Very stressful and got a couple minor injuries (bruises)
* Drove back to Cape Cod on Saturday to a party. Got stuck in horrible traffic, What should've been 2 hours ended up being 5.
* Drove all the way home from Cape Cod on Saturday night after arriving late at said party. 2 hours.

Exhausted by Sunday, I slept on the couch and watched TV all day and did nothing else. I was in excruciating pain everywhere.

That brings me to Sunday night. I decided to start the Cymbalta then because I know I won't be driving for at least a week (and it cautions against operating machinery/driving until you're used to the med).

I woke up Monday morning in far less pain than usual. I was very groggy, but not the fibro-fog kind of groggy, this was definitely from meds. However, I noticed immediately no anxiety!! And, bonus! My dogs picked up on it and therefore THEY had no anxiety.

Another bonus, but one I have to watch out for: no appetite. Now, I have always been a BIG eater. I love to eat. There was a period of time pre-Weight Watchers when I was RAVENOUS if I did not eat every 3 hours. That has since changed just probably because of my age. When I started taking the Trazodone, I noticed my appetite decreased. Yay! and I lost a few pounds. I'm still about 15 lbs overweight. I heard that Cymbalta suppresses the appetite too. Well, I'm tellin' ya, it does. I was not hungry all day. I had to make SURE I ate because (I marvel at this) I forgot to eat!! I have always wondered how "those kind of people" can just FORGET TO EAT. What???! Well, now it has officially happened to me. I will watch out, don't worry. I already told some co-workers about this so they could watch out for me as well.

So, the Cymbalta is supposed to lessen anxiety and pain. It so far did both, with only one dose. I don't like what I've heard about future side effects, so I am a little scared. I already warned Gil that if I start getting seizures, mood swings or psychotic episodes he needs to tell me and/or call 9-1-1!!!

That's the update from here. Over and out!