MSG and TMJ -- Back to the Grind

I did something really stupid last night. It was very chilly here
(39 degrees I hate fall!), so I decided to make some
soup. I had just bought it at the store yesterday because it's that
time of year -- gotta warm up. I am SO intolerant of the cold. I was
absolutely chilled to the bone last night. Stupid me, I bought
Campbell's Chicken Noodle, forgetting it has MSG in it and I am
extremely sensitive to MSG.

To make matters worse, I didn't feel like eating last night, so I put
it off until almost 10:00 (we usually eat at 9:00, so it's not like
it was THAT much later). But then, I went to bed around 11:00, too
soon after eating.

I awoke at 4:00 this morning in a total fibro-flare all over my
entire body, even including my knees. I haven't had knee pain in a
long time, so I knew this was bad. But the worst part was the
horrible headache. I actually thought about going to the ER, it was
that severe. I drank a ton of water and went back to sleep until
6:30 when the pain woke me up again, and this time I got up and had
no choice, I HAD TO take Motrin. Went back to sleep until 7:45. The
Motrin definitely worked. It relieved the pain down to a manageable
hum. This was a definite reaction to the MSG. Boy, am I pissed that
I didn't think of it before I ate the stuff.

MSG is a horrible ingredient, it should be banned. Please try not to
eat this stuff if possible!

I still have a little headache, and my shoulders and neck and knees
are achy but it's just way in the background. My stomach is a total
mess and doing flip-flops.

I stopped taking Motrin a few days ago (cold-turkey) because it seemed
I was building up too much of a tolerance to it. Well, lemme tell you,
it worked today! Thank goodness.

I figured out that my TMJD has been a major part of my flare-ups. I think
I'm back to grinding my teeth in my sleep, but I also tend to eat a lot of
chewy or hard foods. I get a flare up after eating every meal, and it finally
dawned on me that the TMJ is causing referred pain down my neck, shoulders, back
and arms -- and also my face. Especially if I eat hard or chewy foods.

So, I'm on softer foods now and making a conscious effort to eat soft foods
to see if this helps with the after-meal flare-ups.

Stay tuned!


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