Hyperventilation Syndrome (HVS)

Here is some info on Hyperventilation Syndrome (HVS). It can be acute, or chronic.
It can sometimes be brought on by excess lactate (milk, cheese, soy sauce, etc.) but more often occurs in people with panic disorder or chronic anxiety. Most people go years with these symptoms, fully believing something is really terribly wrong with them (heart disease, neurological disease), only to have test after test, see specialist after specialist, and have completely normal examinations and tests. HVS is caused by over-breathing, although the sufferer feels the opposite: that they can't breathe. A common feature is continual sighing and/or yawning, plus excess gas. Many sufferers are unaware that they are experiencing HVS but are acutely aware of the symptoms: dizziness or lightheadedness, shortness of breath, belching, bloating, dry mouth, weakness, confusion, sleep disturbances, numbness and tingling in your arms or around your mouth, muscle spasms in hands and feet, chest pain, and palpitations.

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