Thanksgiving strategies: shopping/cleaning, for fibromytes

Thought I would share this because my brother and I came up with the ultimate "plan" for avoiding stress this week. We are not having Thanksgiving together, but we talked yesterday and we both decided that we are going shopping today, very early in the morning (in fact I am leaving in a few minutes) and do ALL of our shopping today so we can avoid crowds and not have to go near a store later this week. We don't live near each other, so we're not shopping together, but we are both carrying out the plan in our own town lol. If you can't go early in the morning, then go late at night. I always try not to shop during "peak" hours. It just freaks me out otherwise.For those of us with fatigue and pain disorders, or panic/anxiety disorder, scheduling stressful activities in such a way will prevent or lessen our symptoms.I'm having a couple of guests for Thanksgiving, and we're doing a very casual thing. But, that means I still have to clean my house. I cleaned on Saturday because the kids came by (good excuse to clean). So now, I will clean one area each day this week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). And then do an all-over clean on Thursday before they arrive. We also do Thanksgiving late (around 5:00) instead of the usual New England Thanksgiving which happens around noon. This way, I have all day to relax and/or cook/clean before people arrive. The last thing I want is people arriving at NOON LOL!!My guests are all bringing a dish or two, so it's more like "pot luck" rather than traditional T.G. fixins, although I am cooking a turkey breast and all the other things, just because we want to have them. A friend gave me a homemade pie as an early Christmas present! So we will have that for dessert. All I have to do is pop it in the oven!So, just some things I'm doing which I figured I'd share about in an effort to help others.Have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving!K2