MS Awareness Week starts today!

*** copied & pasted from an email I received today from National MS Society****


MS Awareness Week starts today. As someone living with multiple sclerosis I can tell you firsthand what it means to commit to being a part of a movement to end multiple sclerosis.

To me and the millions of people impacted by MS it means everything.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me this week and take action.

What can you do? Click here to find some easy ways to join the movement.

We call it Seven Days of Action. Take these steps, even one, and a week from today we’ll be closer to a world free of MS.

Whether you are already a part of the movement, or looking to get involved for the first time, this is the week to show your commitment to ending MS. Every person and every action makes a difference.

On behalf of everyone living with MS and the National MS Society, thank you.


ChrisLiving with MS since 1993

PS: Remember to visit today -- we have a whole new look for our website launching to kick-off MS Awareness Week! There, you'll meet just a few of the millions of people who are a part of the MS movement.