Best conversation I had all week -- WEGO health challenge Day 8

This one was really easy for me!  I had an accidental conversation with a complete stranger, and it was awesome.  Enjoy!

[Message left on voicemail] :  Hi.... Deb (Debbie?).... this is Peter Swift (Smith?) calling.  I wonder if you'd like to re-do your ad in the pow-wow ad book again.  It was a twenty-five-dollar ad you ran.  We're getting ready to print the ad book soon.  Give me a call 774-556-4444.  Talk to you soon, Deb.

[I listen to the message twice.  Decide whether or not to delete it, save it?  I end up writing down the number, the guy's name, and a few buzzwords.  I'm going to call him back and tell him he reached the wrong party.]

[I dial the number 7 7 4 5 5 6 4 4 4 4 Riiing, rinnnng, 7 rings, no answer.  A voicemail machine picks up]:  You've reached Peter Smith.  I can't come to the phone right now.  Please leave your name, number and a brief message and I'll get back to you.

ME:  Hi, this message is for Peter Smith.  You don't know me.  You called my number and left a message for a person named Deb, or Debbie.  There is no Deb or Debbie here, but the message sounded important so I wanted to call you back with a courtesy call.  You were calling her about a twenty-five-dollar ad for the pow-wow.  My number is 508-555-3333 if that helps any, maybe you can figure out from those numbers which one you dialed wrong.  Have a great holiday weekend.  Take care.

[Fast forward several hours, my phone rings]

ME:  Hello?

PETER SMITH:  Hi, uh, this is Peter Smith.  You called me....

ME:  Yes!

PETER SMITH:  It's funny, I, I, I can't remember who I was trying to call.  It's about the pow-wow ad book, and I....

ME:  (interrupting, as usual)  Yes!  Your message said you were calling someone named Deb or Debbie?  There is no Deb or Debbie here, but I wanted to call you because it seemed important and I didn't want you to think you had actually reached her when you did not.

PETER SMITH:  We are having the pow-wow soon and we're printing the ad book.  I've made so many calls lately I don't know who this was that I was trying to reach.

ME:  Pow-wow?  I live across the lake from the 4-H camp where they have the pow-wows.

PETER SMITH:  Oh, that's a different organization.  Our pow-wow is in Rutland.  I'm calling you from Rutland.

ME:  Oh!  yes, I am familiar with that pow-wow, too.  I live over on Thompson Pond.

PETER SMITH:  You are?  Well, we're having the pow-wow soon!  This year it's at Treasure Valley.  Where did you say you live?

ME:  Thompson Pond.  Treasure Valley is right around the corner from my house!  I can walk there in 10-15 minutes.

PETER SMITH:  We've got the nice part of Treasure Valley reserved for this year's pow-wow.  You know where they store the canoes on Browning Pond?  If you go down Browning Pond road, you look across and you can see where they store the canoes?

ME:  Yes!  I know exactly where you mean!  That's right around the corner from my house!  So close, I can walk to it.  When did you say the pow-wow is?

PETER SMITH:  June 2nd and 3rd.  You should come.

ME:  I'm marking it down on my calendar right now.  June 2nd and 3rd.  I'll try to make it.  Should be no problem since I can walk there in 10-15 minutes.

PETER SMITH:  When you get there, ask for Brother Peter.

ME:  OK, I will.

PETER SMITH:  I'm one of the brothers from the monastery.  Was up there for 25-30 years.  Left a while back and now I do the pow-wow and some other things.

ME:  Oh wow, really?  We know one of the other brothers up there... wait, I have to think of his name.... Brother Conrad!  Do you know Brother Conrad?

PETER SMITH:  Yes, of COURSE I know Brother Conrad!  I've known him for many, many years.

ME:  Well, what a small world!  My husband knows Brother Conrad quite well.  I can't believe this, it is such a small world.  I will be sure to ask for you when I come to the pow-wow on June 2nd or 3rd.

PETER SMITH:  That's great.  I guess I'll try to call this person about the ad now, although I made so many calls now I can't figure out who it was I was trying to reach.

ME:  Maybe try five-five-six as the exchange.  Maybe it's a Rutland exchange you want.  You're calling Spencer here.

PETER SMITH:  Oh, yes, you may be right.  I'm in Rutland.  Ok then, I'll give that a try and thank you.

ME:  You're welcome.  It was nice talking to you.  Have a very happy Easter.

PETER SMITH:  Happy Easter to you, too.  See you at the pow-wow.

[Both hang up]