Day 15 WEGO health challenge "Writing with Style"

Writing with Style. What’s your writing style? Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? Do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best?

This is such a weird prompt.  It's hard to answer because I don't really "write" I compose in my head and then put it to the keyboard and let the words flow.  It's also hard to answer because I feel  as though I'm telling "the secret to" my writing; but conversely I want to say you can't teach someone else how to do this, they either are able to do it, or they aren't.  It's like me with drawing and painting -- I can't draw a THING.  Didn't inherit that from my mother who was a very talented artist.

I meditate on what I'm going to write.  I lie on the couch each morning with my dogs and "think".  I just let the mind free-flow and a lot of times it is negative thoughts about stuff at work or problems in life, but sometimes it's what am I going to write today, or who do I have to respond to today (email pen pals!).  I compose a basic outline in my head.  I rarely ever write on paper.  I did write the story about my dog, Hector, on paper and then transferred it to the computer afterwards, but that was an unusual situation -- he died during a 6-day power failure, I had to write about it so I wrote it on paper the old-fashioned way.    Usually, I just start typing.

Someone once said to me that the keyboard is an extension of my fingers.  I am a very fast typist over 125 WPM last time I checked and when I type sometimes people at work will stop outside my office and say "You're really not typing that fast.  You're not typing anything." ha ha ha No, it's true, I really am typing.  I get the thoughts out really fast that way.

For this 30-day challenge exercise, I planned my posts.  But otherwise, no, I don't plan them.

I love titles.  I have so many titles flying around in my head that I will probably never use.  I am not sure if I title first or last, probably a combination depending on the situation.  I am a mood writer just as I am a mood dresser.  I can never put out my clothing the night before -- my outfit (such as they are these days in fat-city) is always spontaneous and goes along with my mood.  The same is true with my writing, and titling.

I write best right here at my desk at home.  Second best is at the table at our house on Cape Cod just like all the rest of the Cape writers!