I write about my health because...

Today's WEGO Health challenge (Day 4) is "I write about my health because..."

I write about my health because it is part of my treatment and therapy.  It makes me feel better to get the thoughts out of my head and on "paper" (on a computer, I should say).  Many counselors recommend journaling as a treatment or therapy for illnesses, such as cancer, alcoholism, mental health and others.

I also write about my health to help others who may be having the same problems.  Sort of like the 12-step programs, if you share your own experiences -- do not compare, just share -- you can help others.

Another reason I write about my health is more selfish, and that is to get exposure for my writing and "tell my story" as both a way to show my writing skills and in the hopes that others will benefit from what I have to say. A lot of my story is negative because I was "dissed" by so many doctors, and I have issues with the pharmaceutical industry and traditional medical establishment (hey, I'm not gonna lie!).  I do hope that in some way I have been able to indicate the humor of the situation instead of coming across as cynical (which I suppose I am, come to think of it).

One of the methods I use to write about my health is I created a web site www.fibroworks.com and this blog where I can just write whatever I want when I want.   I also write about my personal health in emails to friends who I really know, as well as to others I may have never met in online communities.  I run a support group on Yahoo which began out of the frustration of being constantly "sick" and in pain and being undiagnosed.  I called it the Undiagnosed Group on Yahoo and while the group is currently somewhat inactive, it was at one time a thriving support group, a fact of which I am very pleased.   I have received many emails in feedback mostly from people who seem to have benefited from the experiences I shared online -- more than one told me I was "an inspiration" to them, which I find a little hard to deal with since I never quite thought of myself as anything but a nondescript normal person who just likes to write.  I'm glad I have been able to help at least one other person by writing about my health experiences.  If only I had more time to write, that'd be great.