WEGO health challenge Day 14: Describe your ideal "Dream Day"

My Dream Day. Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

I procrastinated all day on this one because I was living my dream day.  I do quite often, actually.  It starts out as a day off from the office.  That is not to say I won't do any work for the company, I'm always working, it seems, but I don't have to go to the office.  I ended up going there, which I'll explain in a minute.

The next step is eating stuff I like, having a few cups of coffee (today it was iced because it was like summer weather today).  And of course hanging out with my dogs and cats.  It should be warm, summer-like weather, like it was today and blue skies.  I would spend a good amount of the Dream Day outdoors, like I did today.  I would be reading a good book.  Today's book is "Emory's Gift" by the wonderful W. Bruce Cameron.  If you have not read any of his books, what the hell are you waiting for?  

After reading, oh, about half a book on the back porch surrounded by two dogs and three cats, I'd take a long walk.  Today's walk turned into a partial walk partial jog, something I have never, ever done before.  The last eight months or so, possibly longer, possibly shorter, I've been rather consumed with an internal anger I do not like.  I'm pretty sure it's the grief-stage anger (you know:  denial, anger, bla bla bla acceptance?  Have lost a lot of friends and family and dreams lately, haven't gotten past the anger stage.  Grief, unlike Facebook, has no timeline.  It just is.)  During many of my "bouts" with this demon, I have thought about running/jogging to burn off the anger.   A lot of my friends and family members are runners.  I have never been the athlete of the family, far from it, I was always the sickly one and the last one picked by the team captains in grammar school and beyond.  The closest I came to running before today (and I wasn't angry today, I should mention) was to walk quickly on the treadmill one evening after a particularly bad day at the office and then announce to all my friends that I did it to burn off the anger.  Well, during today's walk, I decided I wanted to run (jog), and so... I did.  

I walked from my house to the office.  It's 3.9 miles and huge San Francisco-style hills.  Not for the faint of heart.  Whenever I do it (which is not as often as I have in the past) people think I'm nuts.  "You're going to walk all the way up THERE?!" they exclaim, incredulous and worried.  "It's only 4 miles, not even."  I guess in this day and age 4 miles seems like halfway 'round the world.  Once I got to the office, I "worked" ha ha a little.  That just means I printed the emails I need to print (some of my work emails need to be printed, we haven't quite progressed far enough into the 21st, but we are working on it).  And did one or two other things, and drank a few cups of H2O.  Grabbed the keys to the company car and drove it home.  I'll return it tomorrow and do the thing in reverse (downhill, easier).

To incorporate the jog into the walk, I'd pick a tree, boulder, telephone pole and set my sights on it, "I'll run just to there" I'd tell myself, and then slow back to a walk once I reached the landmark.  I did that the whole walk, on and off, and it was great.  I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!  Let's see if my leg muscles holler at me the way they did 10 days ago when I took a fast walk for the first time since who knows when.  I should point out that I used to walk 8 miles a day with my dogs when they were young -- about 10 years ago.  I am not a 100% failure when it comes to fitness, just got into some panic attack stuff a while back and it caused me to be afraid to go out with my dogs.  I'm not particularly fond of walking (jogging) without them, for several reasons:  1)  I feel guilty leaving them behind;  2)  It's safer to walk with a dog than alone; 3) They need the exercise, too.

On the other hand, it's good for me to leave them behind when it's this hot outside.  I have a cell phone in my pocket and a mean right hook.  Hobie is 12 and can't handle so much exercise, and (opposite) Charlie Brown is too young for long walks.  As I write this, I feel like I'm "justifying" leaving them behind.  I have a major guilt issue about leaving the dogs behind, but also I have separation anxiety -- yeah, I do, not the dogs, me.

So, there it is, my perfect day.  I have them all the time, and am grateful.  I also took a nap (with both dogs) and read some more of the book (I'll finish it by tomorrow).  Tonight, because the Dream Day is not over, I'm writing this, and then I'll try to find a good movie on TV and make some pierogies and spinach for dinner.

My Dream Day.  Today.  Because, it's the only day you've got.