WEGO health challenge Day 23: Write about whatever you want

For today's WEGO health challenge (Day 23) we can write about whatever we want.

I sit here in Tobago, my first day of vacation.  I haven't been here in two years.  Last year, I skipped the Tobago trip in favor of visiting a friend in Florida instead -- she had been given a "death sentence" by doctors; lung cancer, they said, would take her life in a matter of months.  They were not kidding, by July, she was gone.  I'm really glad I made that trip to hang out with her for a few more precious days.  We had fun.  She hid it well.

So, here I am, in Tobago.  Here, the people are so friendly, they think it's good when someone gains weight, as they say it means the person is happy.  At least one or two have already said to me "Well, you've put on some size"  (meaning, you've gained weight).  Even though I've been here many times, I still can't get used to the culture of "telling it like it is".  I am heavier today than I have ever been in my life -- waaaay heavier - and no matter what I do, I don't lose weight.  I"m sure a lot of it is being 50-something, going through menopause and all that.  Some genetics (see pictures of dad and mom at this age).  But it is a thing I never thought I'd be struggling with -- my weight.  I've always been a tiny little thing.  I don't like this one little bit.  Wearing a bathing suit, something I once relished, has become an exercise.  Literally, an exercise.  I burn calories taking the spandexy thing on and off!

Ahhhh, Tobago.  Land of sugar and spice.  It is so nice.  I'll be here for just a week.  Everyone is asking me, why not two, or even three?  My answer, that of a woman from a different culture:  "I have a new young puppy at home and I don't want to leave him" gets some strange looks (If you know how they treat dogs here, you understand -- step back into 1950s America and you'll get a general idea).  But, it's the honest truth.  I'm not worried about work, I certainly am glad to be missing the crazy New England/Northeast weather.  The house can sit idle without me.  And then there's the oil-spill clean-up -- thank GAWD I'm missing THAT!  (Haven't written about it much, as I am still TOO ANGRY!).  But the puppy, and the elderly dog, Hobie; and my cats?  That's a reason to return home.  I love my animals, they're the best thing in my life.

So, I sit here, fat and sweaty, trying not to worry about my pets, trying to just chill out (ha ha in 100 degree heat!).  We are 10 degrees from the equator, after all.

It's beautiful.  I am lucky.