WEGO health challenge day 25: Third person post

Day 25:  Write about a memory, in the third person.

Kathy took her seat at the Orpheum Theatre as tears welled up in her eyes.  She turned to her two friends and said, through happy tears, "This is my dream come true!"  They were in the fourth row, center, and Tori Amos was about to take the stage.

The string quartet appeared on stage as the crowd roared to its feet.  The girls next to her spilled beer all over themselves, and everyone else, thus the place began to smell of stale hops and sweating bodies.  The floor became sticky with dried beer and Kathy worried that her shoes would be ruined.

After several bars by the quartet, Tori emerged from the wings in a black, flowing gown that resembled a chiffon Snuggie with one gold lame arm.  Underneath, she wore shiny black tights and the highest stileto heels ever seen.  More happy tears flowed -- Kathy could almost touch Tori, she was so close.

During each song, Tori seemed to look right at Kathy, there in the fourth row center.  The younger girls and their boyfriends were slamming back so many beers, Kathy wondered how on Earth they were still standing, and how would they safely get home?  No wonder Tori was avoiding looking at them, we all know Tori likes her fans to pay attention!  Throughout the entire show, those girls just talked and talked and talked.  They did not listen to even one single song.  A whoop here and there when a familiar opening chord or chorus emerged, but otherwise, they paid no attention at all.

Kathy, herself, was rapt with attention.  She knew every song, every note, every word.  She was mesmerized.  And she could swear Tori was looking right at her!

The highlight of the night was when Tori covered Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" one of Kathy's favorite songs of all time, and never before heard played by Tori Amos.  Throughout the concert, Kathy grinned from ear to ear, sang along, clapped and jumped to her feet when appropriate, and sweated.

At the end of the show, they had to walk back to their car parked on the other side of Boston Common in the underground garage, and that's when it hit:  the price she pays whenever she does something fun for herself -- a fibromyalgia flare.  This time, a migraine headache.  And she still had to drive all the way home to Worcester.  She told her friends she needed to take a moment when they got into the car to find the Motrin and pop three of them, and guzzle some water, otherwise this thing was going to take hold and she would not be able to drive.  It would take a while for the Motrin to kick in, but it would, and then she'd be ok by the time she got 20 minutes into the drive.