WEGO health challenge Day 9: Keep calm and carry on

The challenge today is to write and create a poster depicting "Keep Calm and Carry On" and try to make it about our health condition.  I'm not an artist.  I can take a good picture with a camera, but that's about my limit, so I'm just going to write about this topic instead.

This topic couldn't come at a more perfect time.  As an ambassador for Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) I should know by now how to keep calm ("stay calm and assertive" is one of his mottoes).  I fail, miserably.

As I said, the timing could not be more perfect.  I am currently dealing with "a situation" in my life that I don't want to write about on the internet but let's just say that I'm involved in a dispute with a company or organization.  The list of things that this company has done to prove their incompetence is a mile long.  I have lost patience with them time and time again, and have found myself lately to be literally unable to remain calm, certainly not assertive, definitely aggressive, and what was that last part?  Oh, carry on.  Hah!  This situation has at times made me completely immobilized, unable to form a clear thought, unable to move off the couch or computer chair -- fixated on the next nasty email I will send.  Carry on, my foot!

It's not ONLY this particular situation that has me in this state.  There is a lot of stuff that has built up over years and years.   There is no keeping calm anymore, I'm so "done".  I'm so "over" half the things that go on in my life.  Cesar Millan says "move forward".  Same thing, right?  Funny how the parallels keep popping up.  Like someone beating me over the head with a baseball bat, saying, "When will you learn to keep calm, and just move forward and carry on?"

So how does this essay become about my "condition" (fibromyalgia).  Very simply, I believe fibro is a complex condition that is driven not just by physical concerns but also has emotional, hormonal, spiritual and mental aspects that cause the symptoms.   The medical establishment is baffled by the cause or causes.  They can't seem to put a finger on it, and that's because there is not one cause, each person with fibro is unique and each case is also unique.  Staying calm and carrying on (moving forward) is probably a good therapy.  Now, if only I could stay calm!


  1. Well, now that I know the Keep Calm and Carry On posters were from WWII I'm bummed out that I didn't try to create one. Oh well!


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