Everything I do leads to a fibro flare

I've complained about this before, and will again.  Each time I do something fun (work at a dog event, go to a concert, go out for dinner with friends, to a party, travel anywhere) I go into a fibro flare afterwards (sometimes during).  Fibromyalgia has permeated my life and ruins everything.  Last year, I had two dreams come true within one week of each other:  3rd row seats at Cesar Millan's show (and I got to meet him, too!) and 3rd row seats at Tori Amos' concert.  Both times fibromyalgia plunked its insidious self into the moment.  A year before that it was the same after the amazing Bon Jovi concert -- I paid the price for a couple of days that time.

Last night was no exception.  I spent a wonderful day at an outdoor festival to benefit animal welfare organizations in our area.  I even went so far as to make sure I had the "late shift" so I didn't have to arrive until 2:00.  Part way through the event, the pains began, and because I had re-packed all of my things into a doggie backpack that my dog could carry (which I ended up carrying, in the end!) I forgot to pack the Advil.   The event was great, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.  Charlie the dog was amazing, he got along with every other dog there, and humans too.  But, underlying all of it was the pain which, by the time I got home to the Advil container, had literally registered from head to toe.  It took hours for all the pain to go away, the last of it being my legs and feet -- that'll teach me to wear sneakers instead of Crocs at an event where I know I'll be standing up all day.

Next weekend, I have two more dog events (but I'm not working at them, I'm just visiting as a guest); and the J. Geils concert.  The weekend after that I'm going to a party near Boston.  Remember to bring the Advil, and wear Crocs!