Looking back

I just looked back at some of my posts from the earlier days of this blog.  In 2007, I was put on Cymbalta and I wrote about that experience.  Today, five years later, I am enjoying a "drug-free" body (prescription drugs, that is).  Doctors look at me like I'm weird, but I have concluded after several years of trying it their way that I am way too sensitive to prescription drugs.  I do not have a life-threatening disease (although sometimes the quality of my life leaves a bit to be desired!), and so why should I be put on powerful drugs?  My most recent primary care physician suggested I stop using Motrin as I was "eating it like candy" and it was clearly NOT working.  He suggested Advil instead (and no, he did not offer to prescribe Rx meds, I think he knows better by now).  I asked how often I should take the Advil and was surprised when he told me only two every eight hours.  I said to him "That will never work!" because I was taking four Motrins every three hours.  Well, surprise, surprise.  It works!  Every time I take two Advils, within about 15 minutes the pain is either gone, or bearable, and I can function again.  I am not a doctor, and I'm not suggesting that everyone is like me and should take Advil!  See your doctor!  I am sharing my own experience, and determined that I am too sensitive to powerful drugs (which, in my opinion, means I don't need them).  Everyone is different.  Everyone's experience with fibromyalgia and chronic pain is different.  Don't look at your doctor as "a god".  He or she is human, just like you.  Try different things until you find something that really works and won't have you lying around all day or walking around like a zombie (see old post entitled Zoloft Zombie, if it's still on here).

Getting ready for some crazy weather, so I'll sign off now!