Day 4 NHBPM What's in the bag?

Day 4 – Sunday, Nov. 4  Write about what’s in your bag / purse / backpack every day

What's in my bag?  Too much stuff!  At the risk of showing my age, there was that game show "Let's Make a Deal" and the host would ask women in the audience, as the show's credits and theme song were flying by towards the end, if they had such-and-such in their purse.  I would win that show today, if it were still on.  Want a roll of Scotch tape?  Got it!  A blood-pressure wrist monitor?  Got that.  Camera?  Always with me.  A bottle of water.  A container of Advil pain medication.  Another container of other types of pain relievers such as Motrin and Excedrin Migraine.  A second, smaller purse to grab in case I want to just run someplace really quickly and don't need to take all that other stuff with me.  My checkbook, which includes a zillion pieces of paper containing passwords, phone numbers and business cards of practically everyone I know.  The usual suspects are not missing:  iPhone, drivers' license, credit cards, hair brush, eyeglasses, sunglasses, pens, chewing gum.  One of those Tide stain removal applicators.  My passport (not for ID, but because as long as I keep it in my purse, I know I won't lose it -- one time I had a trip all booked and lost my passport, I found it the day before the trip -- it had fallen behind a book case in my house).  Several "Always" mini-pads (gads, I'm 52, any chance I could go through menopause already, please?!)  A miniature stapler, a metal container of herbal stress-relief soft-gels, several hair elastics, and the ever-changing pile of papers I need to carry back and forth to and from the office.  Additionally, I have two SanDisk flash drives, three mysterious-looking bank decoders for processing ACH payments for the company I work for (people always ask "what the hell is that?" if one flies by whilst I rummage through my purse).  Two dog leashes, dog licenses, and accompanying proof-of-rabies paperwork.  A roll of poop bags. An extra set of keys, to everything.  Two stacks of business cards.  There is no longer any makeup (I stopped using that several years ago).  Sometimes there is a pair of gloves and a pair of socks.  There is almost always a snack, and sometimes a full-fledged prepared lunch.  A wad of tissues.  My purse has become practical instead of fashionable.

What's in my bag?  My life!  I have a friend who does not carry a purse.  I marvel.  How does she do it?

And I wonder why my shoulder, wrists and back always hurt.