The Fibro-Fog Chronicles: why I write about my health

Why do I write about this health topic, fibromyalgia?  The main reason is that when I first began to have the symptoms I couldn't find much information online that wasn't "negative" in content.  I have always continued to work, full-time (plus!) despite my fibromyalgia symptoms, and I could only find web sites and articles that dealt with how to file for disability, and things like that.  It was rare, back then, to find positive-based information for people with active lifestyles who were learning to live with fibromyalgia.  So, I just started writing about my life with fibromyalgia.  At the time, I had two very large, young dogs who demanded a great deal of my time and energy and a full-time job, with overtime, that was very stressful and hectic.  I traveled a lot, and have a lot of friends who wanted to go to concerts, out for dinner, and so forth.  Staying home and being on disability was not an option, and still isn't.  I wanted to share my experiences and my ideas with others who might be online searching for the same information.

You can visit my web site FibroWorks to read my story, get helpful links to other sites, and tips that help me cope with the daily struggles and challenges of this annoying chronic syndrome they call fibromyalgia.