A couple great media items to share: video, radio and article about fibromyalgia

The Voices of Fibromyalgia Facebook Community has a great 25-minute video that focuses on 50 people living with fibromyalgia.  They use the word "survivors" which I would personally rather reserve for people who fought cancer, rape, or war, and won.  We live with fibromyalgia.  It sucks, but it isn't a life-threatening disease, it is a life-altering syndrome.  So, I prefer to say we are live-ers!  Well, enough of my soap-boxing, here is the video, please watch:

(bonus!  Tori Amos music in the background! Wooo!)

The same organization has a nifty online "radio" show on blogtalkradio, which I urge you to tap into whenever you have the chance.

Following that, here's a GREAT bit of advice from the folks at National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Assoc (NFMCPA) about traveling/vacationing with fibromyalgia:  FM on Vacation


Remember:  LIVE with fibromyalgia!  It can be done.  I'm LIVING proof!