Back on Vitamin D3 Supplements

Years ago, when I first suspected I had fibromyalgia, I went to a rheumatologist to try to get a diagnosis.  She was very dismissive and told me nothing was wrong with me, but one thing she did do was blood tests, and she discovered that my vitamin D was low.  She prescribed mega doses of vitamin D that I had to get with a prescription.  I believe it was 50,000 IU of vitamin D, something like that (don't hold me to it, I do not remember the units of measure or the number, but I'm pretty sure it was a huge number).  Anyway, I didn't take that for very long because it made me extremely dizzy.  I went back to her a year later, and she "dissed" me again, and I never went back.

A couple of years ago, my PCP prescribed Vitamin D3 -- over the counter, 1000 IU a day.  His exact words were "I'm not usually a vitamin guy, but in YOUR case you NEED this!"  I guess my vitamin D levels were so low as to make him worried.

I never studied the benefits of vitamin D online or anything.  I bought the supplements, but I hardly ever took them.

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Within the last year, I've started seeing a naturopath who has prescribed an inordinate number of supplements, vitamins and herbs.  But none of them are "big pharma" Rx drugs, so I am ok with it, to an extent.  One supplement she prescribed is 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day -- upping the dosage that my regular doctor prescribed, beyond the so-called "safe" limit of 4,000 IU daily.

This, and some of the other supplements she prescribed, has helped me a lot with pain relief and energy.  Not 100% --- I doubt I will ever be back to a fully-functioning human being, but I'm a little bit better.

It might be worth getting your vitamin D levels checked next time you're having blood work done, and see what your doctor has to say.  Remember, with fibromyalgia, what works for one person may not work for another.  We are all different!  For example, I can't take Lyrica or Cymbalta, it does nothing for me except make me gain weight and talk in my sleep!  But others swear by it.  So, be careful, cautious, check with your doctor and see what he or she has to say.  Heed the warning, in red below, please!!

WARNING:  DO NOT TAKE VITAMIN D3 WITHOUT A DOCTOR'S GUIDANCE, AND WITHOUT HAVING A BLOOD TEST TO EVALUATE YOUR VITAMIN D LEVELS!!!!! This stuff is not something to just take on your own.  Please heed my words!!!

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