A to Z Challenge: H is for Headaches & Hypertension

It's no secret that I've had chronic headaches since childhood.  I've also been battling with my primary care physician about hypertension (high blood pressure).  I insisted on trying to lower my BP by exercise, healthier diet, supplements and non-drug treatments.  My doctor has been great about this, he basically "gave me" two years to sort it out.  I failed, miserably.  Yesterday was my annual physical, and my BP was quite high.  He prescribed BP medication.  I'm not thrilled, but I knew this was coming.  It's my own fault, due to some bad lifestyle choices and a strong family history of hypertension and heart disease.

So, I'll start taking the meds today.  It's also no secret that I'm not a fan of "Big Pharma" here in the U.S., but this is something I don't want to mess with.  We are doing a 5-week trial, and then I see him again to see how/if it's working.

In a funny coincidence, a co-worker heard me talking about my chronic headaches to another co-worker recently, and she told me that some doctors prescribe BP meds to treat chronic headaches.  I had never heard of this, and had intended on mentioning it to my doctor.  It didn't quite turn out that way, I basically forgot!  But, I did some research, and wouldn't you know... she is right!  The medication I've been prescribed for my high BP also is used off-label for chronic headache treatment.  I'm more excited about that, than I am about treating my BP (but I know that's not something to mess around with, like I said before).

To avoid headaches, I'll often wear sunglasses and a hat with a brim.

So, unfortunately, I am now one of the millions on prescription meds in the United States, and I'm not happy.

Maybe this should be H for not-Happy! LOL!

Thanks for reading!


  1. How awful, I'm so sorry you're suffering! Doc knows best, and it sounds like you have quite an understanding one too. Having said that: It's your body and always go with your gut instinct, whatever feels right for you is usually right. I wish you the very best in health and happiness. :)


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