A to Z Challenge: U is for Unrepentant Geraldines #atozchallenge

Unrepentant Geraldines is the name of the upcoming new album by my favorite singer/songwriter/musician, Tori Amos.  The one, the only.

I know hardly anything about the new album... it's not going to be released until mid-May.  I've already learned the single, "Trouble's Lament"; and I've heard two or three other songs in poor quality recordings done by other fans off the radio.

Tori's fans are sort of like a "cult" following.  I'm one of them, so I can say that!  Other people don't "get" Tori's music, or they tolerate it because they're fond of someone like me who is obsessed!

I didn't want to write about urinary problems in fibromyalgia today.  Every time I tried to think of something else that started with the letter "U", I kept hearing "Unrepentant Geraldines" in my head.  So, there ya go!