A to Z Challenge: V is for Video #atozchallenge

This is the very best explanation of "everything fibromyalgia" I've ever seen.  I still have not finished watching it -- unfortunately it is an hour and a half long -- but what I have watched (about half) is not only informative, but compassionate, correct, and encouraging.

What resonates with me is that he focuses on management -- which is my big thing, as you know if you have read any of my blog posts.  I don't like "Throw a Pill at It" mentality.  The ONLY thing that works, in my experience, is management.  I'm tempted to re-name this website FibroMyManagement ha ha ha.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video, even if you have to watch it in stages, like I've been doing all week.  I hope to finish watching it tonight.