What I Did With More Energy

Here we go again.  

After a year of mourning the loss of both my significant other and my dog, and the break-in at my home, and identity theft, I found I was still having chronic anxiety attacks, and was unable to sleep.  

My sweetie, and me.

While I have always been anti-Big Pharma, I have agreed with my doctors and my cognitive behavioral therapist that I would try (yet another) anti-depressant.  After much resistance, I agreed to try Celexa. 

I started taking Celexa earlier this year.  I can't remember exactly how long ago.  I would say six months, but I think it may be even longer than that.  Time gets away from me so quickly nowadays.

The first, and almost immediate difference I noticed was ENERGY!  As all of us with fibro know, we have none.  The problem was, these doctors told me to take the Celexa before bed.  Well, I was up ALL night for the first two or three nights, until I realized the Celexa was giving me new-found energy.  I skipped the dose on the fourth night, and took it in the morning of the fifth day. 

The energy increase has stayed with me all these months.  I am happy to say that I am able to do a lot of things now, that I previously had to schedule into the drawerful of spoons.  

The biggest thing is that I sold, and moved out of, my vacation home on Cape Cod.  Don't feel bad about that, I was "so over it" by the time the actual sale happened.  

Sunrise in Eastham, Massachusetts.  I WILL miss this!

I also continued sorting and clearing out my late spouse's belongings (the ones I didn't want to keep).  This is a lengthy project, and I'm nowhere near finished.  I piece away at it daily.  It helps that I have been participating in an online motivational program about clearing your clutter (both literally and figuratively).  If you have the energy to devote to clearing (your head, your heart,  or your house!) I highly recommend doing something like this.  It is freeing.

I have a quarter of the garage full of items to donate to charity.  Not bad!  Along the way, I've bought a few special items for myself (a nifty chair, being one of them!); and hired some movers to rearrange my entire house.  My mother's dining room furniture is finally in-use, in my living room, instead of stored in the basement.  (Yeah, it's not in the dining room.... that's a story for another post.)  

The too-big living room sofa (pictured below) was moved into the basement, along with shelves and shelves and more shelves of CDs and DVDs, making that space a long-overdue entertainment area that doubles as a guest bedroom. 

The hounds take a breather in the living room.

Other than the amazing influx of energy... something I hadn't experienced in over a decade... I have less anxiety and am able to sleep a TINY bit better.  Being a widow, I think the sleep thing is going to take a long, long time.  Thank dog for my hounds, who snuggle in the bed with me and keep me from being lonely.  And of course, my cats.

An oldie of me and Maggie the cat.

Speaking of my cats (completely off-topic!) on my other blog, I was honored as one of the Top 50 Cat Bloggers by Thoroughly Reviewed!  I can't tell you how thrilled and honored I am to be recognized along with so many other cat bloggers I admire so much.  

Celexa doesn't help me much with the pain.  I still take OTC meds for that.  I can't tolerate powerful prescription meds.  But having energy has really helped a lot.  And this time I didn't gain an instant 30 pounds!

Until next time -- One Day At A Time.  Sometimes one hour, or one minute.

How do you conserve energy? 

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