Dental disease and fibromyglia

A funny thing happened on the way to the dentist....

Two weeks ago, I took the plunge and had several teeth extracted in preparation for replacing those teeth with a dental bridge.  The bridge is being put in within the next week or so.  

Meanwhile, I have been wearing a temporary bridge that is really like a band-aid.  It's horrible, and really prevents me from being able to eat anything because of metal tabs that hold the bridge in place on the roof of my mouth.  Eating is allowed, but practically impossible, and tremendously unpleasant. It's honestly putting me in a really bad mood, and it's so uncomfortable.  I gave myself the nickname Kathy Scissorteeth (like Edward Scissorhands)!!

I've been on a liquid diet for two weeks.  I've actually lost about 8-10 pounds, which is nice, since I am/was at my heaviest in my whole life.

Now, because they had pulled three teeth in the front of my mouth, they sent me home with a prescription for pain meds (Tylenol with codeine or something like that).  My readers know that I am anti-Big Pharma, and extremely drug-sensitive, so you will not be surprised to learn that I did not fill the prescription.

It had taken me nearly two years to give in and allow them to pull my teeth.  The three teeth were loose, and I was concerned about the way they looked (hey, I'm vain!) as well as feared that they might fall out if I bit into a slice of pizza or a Fenway park pretzel!

They had me so convinced I would be in pain, I braced for the worst.  I had already explained to them that I have fibro, and TMJ from a bad car accident several decades ago.  

Surprisingly, I had absolutely NO pain after the extractions.  None, whatsoever.  Zero.  Nada. Nothing.

And, for the past two weeks, I have not had a fibromyalgia flare-up of any kind.

So, this leads me to question two things:  

  1. Were my diseased teeth (diseased due to periodontal disease, not cavities = no cavities here!) causing my fibromyalgia!?
  2. or, was my diet causing my fibromyalgia?!

The answer is:  I have no idea.   

It's true, I have not eaten cheese, potato chips, or bread for two weeks.  I have pureed some food in a blender, and that included pasta, potatoes and cheese at various times.  But mainly I have been eating soup or pureed fruit, mashed potatoes, eggs (on occasion), and protein drinks.  Since pasta contains gluten (like bread); and since I have added cheese to the eggs and the mashed potatoes and some of the soups, I am leaning towards believing that my teeth were the problem.

Perhaps just the extreme trauma of having all of my top front teeth wiped out exceeded the day-to-day trauma of living with fibro.  I honestly do not know.

In about a week, I will have my permanent dental bridge in, and will be able to eat real foods again.  I don't want to gain the weight back, but it will be interesting to see if my fibro flares up again.

Stay tuned!  I'll post an update!

Have you connected your dental problems or food sensitivities to fibromyalgia, or vice-versa?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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    1. Hi Tara, Wow! That supplement sounds fantastic. I will surely check it out. Thanks for the information, and I am sure my readers and followers will be interested as well. Many thanks for the recommendation. Take care! Kathy


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