3 Ways to Describe a Fibro Flare

People who don't have fibromyalgia understandably don't know what a fibro flare is, or what it feels like. Sometimes, you'll hear someone say, "Yeah, I am achy, too." Or, "I know, I'm so tired today, too." We with fibromyalgia chuckle to ourselves because we know they're talking about everyday aches and pains, and occasional tiredness -- which is not the same as a fibromyalgia flare-up.

Here are three descriptions you might want to use to explain a fibro-flare to those regular folks:

1.  Have you ever had body aches from the flu?  Then you know what a fibromyalgia flare up feels like. The only difference is, you might get the flu, with body aches, once a year, or once every two years, or three years, or even five years. People with fibromyalgia have body aches that feel just like the flu almost every day.  Say it again:  almost every day. Imagine what that is like.

2.  Do you know what jet lag feels like? Then you might understand the crushing tiredness and exhaustion that slams us during a fibro-flare. This isn't "I'm tired." This is, "I'm so tired I cannot even move; and I feel like this almost every single day, all day, no matter how much rest or activity I get." Remember: fibromyalgia isn't just pain -- it's a collection of chronic symptoms including pain, fatigue, irritable bowel, emotional issues, and more.

The Fibro-Fog Chronicles

3.  How 'bout a hangover? Almost everybody has had at least one hangover in their lives. Now, imagine that you feel like you have a hangover most of the time, complete with stomach issues (IBS) and you don't even drink, ever! That's what fibromyalgia feels like. 

Have you had success describing your condition to others?  Tell me about it in the comments, and.... 

thanks for reading!

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  2. Just for clarification ... I'm part of the Chronic Illness Bloggers groups.

  3. Thanks Amanda, I am interested in collaborating! I will check it out. Thank you so much! Kathy

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